About us

      EcHO is a non-governmental organization founded in April 2003 as direct response to a citizens’ initiative, bringing together people with rich experience in non-profit sector and bags of enthusiasm for promoting new practices and ideas.

Since, EHO has implemented over 20 projects for improving socio-economic conditions of people all over Eastern Macedonia, as well as other targeted regions.

Organizational structure:
Assembly the body charged with the responsibility of setting the direction of the organization, composed of all members;

Managing Board composed of five members, charged with overseeing the management of the organization;

Supervisory Commission composed of three members, charged with auditing and monitoring responsibilities;

      EcHO mission is to advocate, assist and provide conditions for improving of socio-economic status of citizens with special emphasis on active citizen participation in policy-making and protection of human rights.

      EHO is focused on increasing citizens’ participation in creation of policies. It’s already implemented activities show EHO’s members commitment and expertise in engagement, advocacy and lobbing for citizens’ interest, in context to offering advisory and consultative services, researches the needs and problems of marginalized and vulnerable social groups and educational sessions for variable legal, social and  health themes.

      The organization has respectable experience in monitoring of local governing in the area of corruption, transparency and accountability.

      The organization has established a respective number of partnerships and cooperation with citizens, domestic and international associations, as well as governmental institutions, with the business sector and with the local and national electronic and printed media. As a result, the activities implemented and realized so far were monitored with great interest by the public, and contributed to changing the image of the civil sector in a positive direction.


Beti Peeva


Beti Peeva,


Blagica Kirov


Blagica Kirov,
Program Coordinator - law


Christina Nacheva


Christina Nacheva,
Financial and Administrative Assistant